Bahnhofstrasse and theater square Lucerne, competition entry (7th place), 2016

For the unique location in the city centre, we have proposed a long promenade from Bahnhofquai to Theaterplatz. Relaxed strolls along the Reuss river are finally possible. The embankment retains the familiar design element of the cut chestnut tree row. Two tree halls complement the water-related open space along the lake and the banks of the old town of Lucerne.

Promenade with tree halls and square on the waterfront

Position and importance in the urban structure

Promenade and water-related open spaces

The double-row, highly branched sycamore halls enrich the road cross section with an additional recreational quality and structure the cross section of Bahnhofstrasse to the water. They complement the water-related open space typologies given in Lucerne with a site-specific element for pedestrians and bicycle traffic.

A new urban element will be added to the existing, all-round square typologies of the old town: a square on the waterfront. The Theaterplatz opens up generously to the Reuss and makes it possible to experience the room as far as the silhouette of the old town on the opposite bank. The free space between the theatre and the church facade offers opportunities for appropriation of a variety of temporary uses and thus becomes a versatile open stage for urban life.

Bahnhofstrasse and theatre square Lucerne. Status: Competition entry (7th place). Programme: Redesign of Bahnhofstrasse and Theatre Square. Location: Luzern (LU). Schedule: Competition 2016. Cooperation: with Heinrich landscape architecture (lead) and Ballmer Partner AG. Visualization: Nils Havelka. Organizing body: City of Lucerne. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella.