Fire Brigade and Police Station

Competition entry (2nd place) for a new Fire Brigade and Police Station in Wil, 2013

Resetting the new fire brigade building from the street creates a generous free space. This inviting forecourt will serve as the new joint address for the fire brigade building and the extension of an existing building into the new cantonal police station. The fire brigade building is oriented towards the work yard, which is located between the buildings. At first it appears only subtly and opens up in its entire dimension only from the forecourt.

Ground floor

Due to the arrangement of the side uses at the rear of the building and the choice of a column-free construction, the garage can be completely cleared except for the central staircase. Thus, it offers the greatest possible flexibility for future use.

Elevation on Bronschofer Strasse

The existing building on the road will be extended for police use and supplemented by a recessed attic level. Its newly designed entrance area with a generous canopy giving directly on the square ensures an appropriate appearance for the new use.

Cross section fire brigade building
Side elevation fire brigade building

On the north side of the building facing the residential neighborhood, the parking spaces for the emergency forces are arranged on gravel lawns. In this way, an appropriate distance to the kindergarten and the future residential buildings along Lettenstrasse can be maintained and a gentle transition in the exterior can be realized.

Facade of the police station Polizeigebäude
Facade of the fire brigade building

Fire Brigade and Police Station Status: Competition entry (2nd place). Programme: Fire brigade station, office of the civil guard, civil security depot, police station. Location: Wil (SG). Schedule: Competition 2013. Cooperation: with Marcella Ressegatti. Organizing body: Security alliance of the Wil region and cantonal police St. Gallen. Surface area: approx. 8'000 sqm. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella.