Fishery Center

Competition entry for an operational building with outdoor pond facilities and protected tree population in Steinach, 2014

Our design for the Fishing Centre at Lake Constance combines all uses of the premises under one long folded roof. The positioning of the two roof parts creates outdoor spaces specifically tailored to the requirements of the programme. This ensures smooth operation. The concept of the entire facility is designed for cost-effective implementation.

Situational model
Structural layout

A concise path figure invites passers-by to cross the listed forest from the lake promenade. Similar to a footbridge, the path is made of light-coloured concrete in long straight tracks and allows a respectful walk through the protected tree population.

Ground floor
Longitudinal section

The hall obtains its distinctive expressivity through the reduction to its supporting structure. Its bright yellow painted plywood beams are covering all areas of use.

Elevation Ampèrestrasse

Fishery Center Lake of Constance Status: Competition entry (not ranked). Programme: Operational building with outdoor pond facilities and protected tree population. Location: Steinach (SG). Schedule: Competition 2014. Cooperation: with Heinrich landscape architecture. Organizing body: Building department, Canton St. Gallen. Surface area: approx. 1'000 sqm. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella.