Town Hall Lindau

Competition entry for the new town hall and public space design in the village center of Lindau ZH, 2022

Also in the future, the lime tree will stand on the village square, in the middle of the village. But no longer alone. Two young lime trees will join it, and the square will be framed by the gables of two new public buildings. The new town hall is a simple administrative building that blends harmoniously into the village centre and the topography, and its public counter hall is located directly on the village square. The Dorfschüür next door is available to all residents of Lindau. It is a public multi-purpose building which, in combination with the square and the community centre garden, allows for a variety of uses.

In combination with the existing facilities such as the library, the church, the rectory, the Casa Linda restaurant and the old school building, the placement of the two new buildings on the village square creates an ensemble of public-oriented buildings that are spatially related to each other. The new village square stretches out between the community centre, the Dorfschüür and the old school building, and is complemented by a secluded garden courtyard.

The new town hall offers contemporary, flexible and adaptable work spaces for the municipal administration. The customer area and the in-house areas of the administration are completely detached, and there are no rooms in the building that can be used by third parties. The counter hall is located directly on the village square. The simply structured solid building is sustainably designed for durability. The arrangement of departments and offices is independent of the primary structure and can respond to future needs.

The new "Dorfschüür" opposite the community hall serves the people of Lindau. The ground-level multifunctional room is available to the community, clubs and other groups for events, gatherings, meetings or other activities. The plain wooden post-and-beam building has a simple design. Its dark wood finish on the outside and the natural wood surfaces on the inside create an intriguing atmosphere. Beneath the cantilevered canopy overlooking the community centre garden, it is an excellent place to linger and enjoy.

Town hall and Public Space Design in the Village Centre of Lindau Status: Competition entry (not ranked). Program: New town hall with multi-purpose room and public space design in the village centre. Location: Lindau (ZH). Schedule: Competition 2022. Visualization: the image guy. Organizing body: Municipality of Lindau. Collabor: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella, Jil Kugler, Sophia Disiou, Milo Strub.