Kehlhof square Steckborn, competition entry, 2020

The Kehlhofplatz is located on the eastern edge of Steckborn's old town by the former ramparts. A mighty lime tree stands in its centre and green front gardens of rural tradition provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere for the neighbourhood. The redesign is intended to create a communal summer living space for the residents around the square.

site plan

The existing green space in front of the row of buildings on the east side of the square is to become a lushly landscaped front garden area, analogous to the north side. This will create a pleasant transition between the public space and the private houses, and the 'green frame' will add value to the square.

Motorised access, dashed: residents only

Three areas are clearly distinguished through the use of different materials: the driveway, which is reduced to a minimum, the areas in front of the buildings, which are accessible to residents, and the central isle on the square. The existing fountain is replaced by a larger fountain. Thus, the lime tree will once again become the dominant vanishing point of Kehlhofstrasse.

Reference Old Market in Monheim am Rhein

The design of the fountain system with water basins of different heights is based on rural cattle drinking fountains and takes account of the past as a cattle market square. The square offers a variety of activities for the residents of the neighbourhood as well as for all Steckborn residents.

cross section

longitudinal section

Kehlhof Square Steckborn. Status: Competition entry (not ranked). Program: Renovation and redesign of a public square. Location: Steckborn, Thurgau (TG). Dates: Competition 2020. Organizing authority: Municipality of Steckborn, represented by the Department of Buildings, Services, Spatial Planning. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Sophia Disiou.