Terra Futura – Expo2027, competition entry (final round), 2014–2015

Our concept made it into the second round with nine other invited teams: 'Expo2027 Terra Futura' is an expedition into our future. The cityscape of Lake Constance and Eastern Switzerland is both a stage and an object of investigation: its diverse structure of settlements, infrastructure and landscape, which has woven the old villages and historic towns into a complex network, is exemplary beyond Switzerland for the typical living environment of our future.

Concept overview

Expo-Hives: Before, during and after

Expo-Hives, Local Experiments, Radical Landscapes, Paths and Expeditions, Field

Terra Futura' opens the way into this habitat of the future through five elements: the 'Expo-Hives', the 'Local Experiments', the 'Radical Landscapes' and the 'Field' – all connected by 'Paths and Expeditions'. Minimally invasive infrastructure, the development process itself and the subsequent re-use are an integral part of Expo2027.

Road map

Zoom-In Expo-Hive

The focus is on meeting, exchanging and doing things together. Travelling together, in the region and into the future. Building a piece of Eastern Switzerland: Works that stay, ideas that resonate and relationships that open up new horizons.

Terra Futura – Expo2027. Status: Competition entry (final round). Programme: Concept for the Swiss National Exhibition 2027. Location: Lake Constance – Eastern Switzerland. Schedule: Two-stage concept competition, 2014–2015. Cooperation: with Salewski & Kretz, Zeugin Gölker, CR Communication, Cathy van Eck. Organizing body: Cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St. Gallen and Thurgau. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella, Lino Saam. Download: Concept booklet [17mb].