Conversion house Freiestrasse, Winterthur, 2011–2023

The conversion of a semi-detached house from the 1920s in the Töss working-class neighborhood in Winterthur created generous rooms with minimal interference in the basic structure of the house. Both kitchen and bathroom have been completely renovated, the attic has been completely opened up to under the ridge, insulated and refurbished.

Ground floor

Upper floor

Attic floor

Due to the external coherence with the neighbouring house and the small budget of the young family, additional external thermal insulation of the facade was dispensed with. By replacing all windows and doors and insulating the roof and cellar ceiling, an energy-efficient and economically viable solution was found that retains the original charm of the house.

Wherever possible, the existing surfaces were left in place or only gently renewed when necessary. The old fir flooring on the upper floors and the existing staircase were sanded and oiled and the whole house painted with natural, mineral colors. All sanitary and electrical installations have been completely renewed.

Conversion house Freiestrasse. Status: Completed. Location: Winterthur (CH). Programme: Conversion and renovation of a semi-detached single-family house with 5.5 rooms. Schedule: Planning and construction 2011, roof conversion 2023. Commission: private client. Surface area: approx. 180 sqm. Construction costs: approx. CHF 380'000. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella.