Apartment buildings Waldgarten

Feasibility study and preliminary project design for three apartment buildings with a total of ten apartments in Zurich Schwamendingen, 2012 – 2013

On behalf of a joint heirship, we developed a preliminary project for three apartment buildings in Schwamendingen. Despite the demanding geometry of the plot, a high utilization could be achieved. Instead of the existing single-family house, ten apartments can be built.

Existing situation
General development plan

The narrow plot on the north side of the Zürichberg offers space for three building volumes. Like the single-family houses to the southwest, the planned new buildings are related in terms of volume and materials, but have been adapted specifically to the particular characteristics of their location.

The floor plans allow a cost-effective design. All adjacent rooms are on the northeast side, the living rooms are oriented to the southwest. The horizontal structure of the facades makes it possible to volumetrically integrate the largest possible attic floors.

Apartment building Waldgarten Status: Feasibility study and preliminary project design. Programme: Three apartment buildings with a total of ten apartments. Location: Zurich Schwamendingen (ZH). Schedule: Planning and design phase 2012 – 2013. Commission: private client. Surface area: approx. 1‘600 sqm. Collaborators: Michael Wagner, Raphael Vanzella.